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CareMonX™ ePCR

CareMonX™ ePCR supports a multi-modal approach to patient care reporting data capture encompassing mobile touch terminals, digital pens and online browser options. All three modalities place a strong emphasis on ease-of-use and ergonomics, reflecting the various service delivery environments in which paramedics operate.

CareMonX™ Touch Terminal ePCR

CareMonX™ easy-to-use ePCR software supports a number of mobile touch terminal configurations, including ruggedised handheld tablet PCs. The software is optimised for finger-based input but also supports stylus and keyboard entry.

CareMonX™ Touch Terminal ePCR includes an advanced multi-modal communication interface that intelligently utilises available standard cellular public network communication channels ranging from Short Message Service (SMS) to GPRS to high-speed 3G, while also using TETRA and Wi-Fi, for real-time transmission of in-field data to the CareMonX™ ePCR Server. Additionally, information from Computer Aided Dispatch systems can be directly received on the Touch Terminal ePCR.

CareMonX™ Touch Terminal ePCR also utilises short-range communication technologies such as Bluetooth to enable integration of on-board ambulance diagnostic devices with the Touch Terminal ePCR for transmission of diagnostic data during transit.

CareMonX™ Touch Terminal ePCR Features

CareMonX™ Digital Pen ePCR

CareMonX™ Digital Pen ePCR is one of the most advanced electronic patient care reporting systems available in the world today. Using paper-based patient care forms and ink-based wireless digital pens, paramedics can input and transmit patient data in real-time to the CareMonX™ ePCR Server.

CareMonX™ Digital Pen ePCR also enables coupling and real-time transmission of non-textual data such as GPS coordinates, digital signatures, photographs, vital signs snapshots (for certain devices) and voice recordings.

CareMonX™ Digital Pen ePCR operates with off-the-shelf mobile devices for data transmission while also taking advantage of computational facilities on Microsoft Mobile devices.

CareMonX™ Online ePCR

CareMonX™ Online ePCR provides an online browser-based interface for data capture. While it can be used for in-field events, it is more suited to fixed-location reporting. It can also be used for post-event data input where, for various reasons, data was not electronically captured in-field.

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