Al Fajer Group and Valentia Technologies to examine potential for at-home health and social care managed monitoring services in Dubai
Dubai, UAE
Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Al Fajer International Emergency Services, a division of Al Fajer Group, and Irish mobile healthcare technology company, Valentia Technologies, today announced they are to undertake a feasibility study to examine the potential to provide technology-based services for remotely monitored health and social care delivery in Dubai. The announcement was made at a meeting attended by Al Fajer Group President, His Highness Sheikh Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum, the Irish Deputy Prime Minister, Mary Coughlan TD, and Valentia Technologies CEO, Peter Nelson, during the Enterprise Ireland Trade Mission to the UAE.

The new service will address the growing demand to enable independent at-home living of the elderly, as well as persons with chronic conditions and disabilities, thus relieving pressure on clinics and hospitals as well as on residential healthcare facilities.

It is envisaged that the results of the study will lead to the establishment of a single centralised monitoring and control centre in Dubai, to which all homes will be continuously linked. The control centre, which will be manned by trained professional staff, will be further linked to clincs, hospitals and ambulance services.

The new service will be based on Valentia Technologies CareMonX™ at Home system, which facilitates two-way real-time interaction between patients and their health and social care teams, as well as with family and friends. The system also integrates with healthcare monitoring devices in the home, such as movement detectors and fall alarms, allowing data generated from these devices to be incorporated into a single comprehensive system platform. Service components include condition monitoring, chronic disease management, medication reminders, nutritional advice, appointment management, and general home services requests.

A key element of the system will be the ability to perform remote monitoring of vital life signs such as ECGs, enabling families to know that their relatives are being continously monitored so that assistance, if required, can be proactively delivered.

Speaking at the announcement of the collaboration initiative between Al Fajer Group and Valentia Technologies, Al Fajer Group President, His Highness Sheikh Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum, said:

“Al Fajer is proud to be associated with new initiatives in health and social care. We are excited at the potential which managed monitoring services can offer to elderly residents and persons suffering from chronic illnesses throughout Dubai. Monitoring services are especially relevant to the culture of our region, where families wish to remain actively involved in the care of their loved ones. Elderly persons want to remain independent in their normal living environments for as long as possible and we are happy that we can enable this to happen, by using some of the most advanced technologies currently available anywhere in the world for this purpose.”

Valentia Technologies CEO, Peter Nelson, said:

“We are delighted that today’s announcement will mark the commencement of a study for the launch of a new health and social care services delivery model for elderly and chronicaly-ill persons living in their normal communities in Dubai. We are also pleased to bring the direct benefits of our international healthcare technology experience to the project. Valentia Technolgies and Al Fajer have very complimentary backgrounds and skillsets, allowing us to provide a fully-fledged service backed by robust and secure monitoring facilities and infrastructure."

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