Allphar Services Wireless Healthcare Conference
Dublin, Ireland
Thursday, May 4, 2006


Valentia Technologies participates in Allphar Services Wireless Healthcare Conference

Valentia Technologies today participated in a high-profile Mobile Healthcare Conference in Dublin , attended by over 80 executives from the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, as well as representatives of various national healthcare bodies and public services.

The opening address to the conference, which examined the potential impact of mobile and wireless technologies on established healthcare delivery models, was made by Tim O'Malley, TD, Minister of State for Health and Children.

Minister O'Malley welcomed the opportunity to speak at the conference at a time when the mobile phone, the internet and modern information and communications technologies offer great opportunities to support health professionals in providing safer and more integrated care and also to improve access to health related services.

Additional speakers included Dr. Ahmed Javad and Dr. Yvonne Nolan from Valentia Technologies, Barry O'Sullivan, Registrar and Deputy Director of the Pre-hospital Emergency Care Council and Professor Michael Rigby from Keele University in Staffordshire.

Valentia Technologies is Ireland 's leading mobile health informatics company focused on developing patient-centric mobile healthcare solutions that assist in the remote management of health conditions. Valentia's systems include a comprehensive Chronic Disease Management suite for conditions such as cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes and asthma. Using common devices such as smartphones and PDAs, Dr Javad explained how h ealthcare professionals and caregivers can now actively manage medical chronic disease conditions in collaboration with their patients. Dr Javad highlighted the benefits of empowering patients to participate in the management of their conditions and the enthusiasm which patients show for such participation . He also explained the advantages that mobile healthcare offers for more effective and efficient primary healthcare delivery, as well as the reduced burden arising on secondary and tertiary care. Dr Javad also outlined the opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry arising from mobile healthcare, including the provision of a wider range of patient services and the emergence of more disease condition specialists to liaise with patient groups.

Dr Yvonne Nolan from Valentia Technologies outlined how mobile and wireless technology will have enable elderly and dependent patients to be intelligently monitored in their normal home or living environments. Dr Nolan explained how the use of non-invasive sensor technology can create highly reliable Ambient Assisted Living services that enable elderly or dependent patients to confidently remain at home for longer, as well as giving remote healthcare professionals, caregivers and family members real-time information on the patients condition and welfare.

Valentia's Technologies also presented how newly-developed digital pen technology can enable patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals to use normal pen and paper writing techniques to record healthcare data that can immediately be digitised in real-time for incorporation in electronic health and medication records.

Barry O'Sullivan of the Pre-hospital Emergency Care Council presented a newly-developed mobile Electronic Patient Care Report system which is currently undergoing communications trials within the ambulance services. Using GSM-enabled tablet PCs that incorporate a standard national patient dataset, ambulance crews will be able to send patient data directly to A&E departments in real-time. This will extend the continuum of patient care to the point of first contact with the ambulance services. Patient and incident data will also be able to be used for audit and statistical analysis. The ePCR system places Ireland at the forefront of Acute Ambulatory Patient Care systems globally.

Michael Rigby, Professor of Health Strategy at Keele University discussed the positive role of mobile healthcare in re-personalising healthcare services by enabling increased patient self-management and interaction with healthcare professionals. Professor Rigby outlined the growing trend towards increased patient responsibility for their illnesses and the importance of mobile communications in assistance change to occur. He emphasised the importance of patient inclusiveness and ensuring that mobile healthcare solutions can cater as much as possible for all patient communities.

Speaking about Valentia's association with the conference, Peter Nelson, Valentia Technologies CEO, said:

“We are extremely pleased to have been invited by Allphar Services to address this important healthcare event. We look forward to discussing the latest mobile healthcare technologies and to assessing their positive impact on established healthcare delivery models. Valentia's healthcare platforms are at the cutting-edge in internationally-available solutions and we are proud that Ireland can take a leadership position in this important emerging area in healthcare”.

Speaking at the conclusion of the conference, Brendan O'Connell, General Manager and Director of Allphar Services said:

“The conference provided a useful insight into the potential impact that mobile technologies will have on established healthcare models and on their implications for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare services. The presentations highlighted numerous strategic opportunities that mobile technologies will offer for extended services and new revenue streams. The attendance levels at the conference highlights the high level of interest in mobile healthcare and I am delighted that all who attended have gained a valuable awareness into these trends and opportunities”

About Allphar Services Limited

Part of Uniphar Group plc, Allphar Services acts as sole agent and distributor in Ireland for many major international pharmaceutical companies. Allphar also offers warehousing, distribution, and sales and marketing services of pharmaceutical and healthcare products on behalf of client companies. The broad range of products handled by Allphar includes specialist hospital medicines, ethical pharmaceuticals, OTC products, diagnostic agents, laboratory requisites and healthcare equipment.

About Valentia Technologies

Valentia Technologies develops intelligent people-centric systems for in-community healthcare and social services delivery.

Our systems enable the transformation from current centralised service delivery models to distributed managed care, reflecting the realities of increasing patient empowerment, changing lifestyle patterns, demographic pressures and escalating funding challenges.

Our emphasis is on directly improving health outcomes and lifestyle quality by facilitating condition monitoring, reporting, intervention, care management and data aggregation and analysis.

Valentia's applications can be used with various input devices, including mobile phones, PDAs, digital pens, medical devices and specialised electronic sensors. Core to all of our systems is Valentia's standards-based Electronic Communications & Applications platform, CareMonX™. Applying a person-centric focus, CareMonX™ supports multi-modal data acquisition, intelligent routing, automated message interrogation and data management, providing bi-directional transparent connectivity and communications across the full spectrum of care.

Available systems include:

  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care
  • Emergency Medical Services Resource Planning and Management
  • Clinical Data Solutions for Mobile Healthcare Workers
  • Independent Living Communications and Monitoring
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Outpatients Appointment Reminders and Medication Compliance
  • Certification & Continuing Professional Education and Development (CPDE) requirements of care team members.

About Anoto

Anoto is the Sweden-based inventor of and world leader in the Digital Pen and Paper technology allowing quick and reliable transmission of handwritten text from paper to digital media. Anoto works with a global network of partners focusing on user-friendly forms solutions for efficient capture, transmission and storing of data for a variety of business segments including healthcare, banking and finance, transportation and logistics, government and education.

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