Dublin, Ireland
Thursday, March 1, 2007


Valentia Technologies releases Continuing Professional Development & Education module for its PROMMS™ platform

Valentia Technologies today announced the release of a Continuing Professional Development & Education (CPDE) module for its comprehensive healthcare Professional Membership Management System (PROMMS™) platform.

PROMMS™ address the complex and dynamic membership requirements of professional medical institutes, statutory registration bodies and healthcare organisations. Its functionality includes education, certification, in-service training and continuous monitoring of work experience and competence of medical and allied healthcare professionals.

The new PROMMS™ CPDE module addresses the continuing professional development and education and associated regulatory compliance requirements of professional healthcare organisations. It enables both member and organisations to easily plan and manage CPDE requirements and compliance. Features include online training records, personalised training diaries and calendars, and online assessment tools. There are also sophisticated tools for approving external training organisations and courses offered by them.

Speaking at the launch event, Valentia Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Peter Nelson, stated:

"The addition of PROMMS™ CPDE module reflects Valentia Technologies ongoing development of the overall PROMMS™ platform, making it one of the most comprehensive membership management platforms currently available to professional medical institutes, statutory registration bodies and healthcare organisations. The CPDE module has been developed in close association with professional healthcare organisations and accommodations a diverse spectrum of CPDE requirements. Given the growing importance of CPDE throughout healthcare, the PROMMS™ CPDE module allows relevant organisations and their members to easily management requirements."

About Valentia Technologies

Valentia Technologies develops intelligent people-centric systems for in-community healthcare and social services delivery.

Our systems enable the transformation from current centralised service delivery models to distributed managed care, reflecting the realities of increasing patient empowerment, changing lifestyle patterns, demographic pressures and escalating funding challenges.

Our emphasis is on directly improving health outcomes and lifestyle quality by facilitating condition monitoring, reporting, intervention, care management and data aggregation and analysis.

Valentia's applications can be used with various input devices, including mobile phones, PDAs, digital pens, medical devices and specialised electronic sensors. Core to all of our systems is Valentia's standards-based Electronic Communications & Applications platform, CareMonX™. Applying a person-centric focus, CareMonX™ supports multi-modal data acquisition, intelligent routing, automated message interrogation and data management, providing bi-directional transparent connectivity and communications across the full spectrum of care.

Available systems include:
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care
  • Emergency Medical Services Resource Planning and Management
  • Clinical Data Solutions for Mobile Healthcare Workers
  • Independent Living Communications and Monitoring
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Outpatients Appointment Reminders and Medication Compliance
  • Certification & Continuing Professional Education and Development (CPDE) requirements of care team members.
About Anoto

Anoto is the Sweden-based inventor of and world leader in the Digital Pen and Paper technology allowing quick and reliable transmission of handwritten text from paper to digital media. Anoto works with a global network of partners focusing on user-friendly forms solutions for efficient capture, transmission and storing of data for a variety of business segments including healthcare, banking and finance, transportation and logistics, government and education.

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