Valentia Technologies enters Australian health informatics market
Melbourne, Australia
July 22, 2016

Valentia Technologies enters Australian health informatics market

Valentia Technologies will make its formal entrance into the Australian healthcare informatics market at the HIC conference in Melbourne on July 25-27. On Booth 71, Valentia will demonstrate all of its enterprise application suites for out-of-hospital healthcare, including its new cloud-based indici platform for Primary Care.

Working together seamlessly, Valentia’s applications suites cover the entire continuum of care in out-of-hospital settings, including associated budgeting and revenue assurance aspects:

  • indici for Primary Care
  • VIVASTA for Community Care
  • Innovacare for Home Care
  • Spectrum for Urgent & Unscheduled Care
  • CareMonX for Emergency Medical Services
  • Precision for Budgeting & Revenue Assurance

Speaking on the eve of the conference, Valentia’s President – Technology, Dr Ahmad Javad said “As Australia premier health informatics conference, HIC is an excellent forum for Valentia to announce its active entry into the Australian market. Based on extensive research performed across Australia throughout the past year, we have been greatly encouraged by the market’s reaction to our applications and we are therefore very excited about their potential for adoption here.

“Our implementations in the out-of-hospital care landscape in New Zealand demonstrates the potential considerable benefits that integrated care on an enterprise scale delivers both to patients and providers as well as also delivering on potential efficiencies and savings available to funders. Valentia imminently expects to announce some important initial collaborations with providers in primary care and community care here in Australia whose implementation of our applications in live settings will quickly demonstrate equivalent benefits to patients and providers here.”

Valentia has located its Australian office in Adelaide and has also established an implementation team in Melbourne.

Valentia would welcome all participants to the HIC conference to stop by Booth 71 to view its applications and engage with its team there on Valentia’s vision of reimagining healthcare in out-of-hospital settings.