Valentia Technologies CareMonX ePRF Suite go-live at St John

One of largest implementations of emergency pre-hospital ePRF technology internationally
New Zealand
October 19, 2015
In what is one of the largest implementations of emergency pre-hospital ePRF technology internationally, Valentia Technologies CareMonX ePRF Suite entered live operational use in St John, New Zealand, on Wednesday 14th October, 2015. Deployment of the system in some 60 front line ambulances based in the Hauraki, Coromandel and Waikato areas on the north island represents the first step in a phased national roll-out which will extend to more than 600 vehicles across New Zealand by the end March 2016.

Valentia Technologies CareMonX ePRF Roll-out of CareMonX ePRF Suite in St John follows on the heels of the successful implementation of Valentia’s CareMonX MDT Suite which entered live use in December 2014 and is now installed in all ambulance vehicles nationally. CareMonX MDT system provides a seamless bridge between control room CAD incident data and CareMonX ePRF in addition to directly populating the ePRF record with mobilisation and status data.

Based on current incident volumes, CareMonX ePRF Suite will be used to create and transmit more than 400,000 digital care records annually. ePRF system has been integrated with the National Health Identifier (NHI) unique patient identifier system, this integration enables continuity of care beyond the pre-hospital environment. This integration is an important component and facilitator of the Ministry of Health’s strategy for integrated health sector information systems, allowing St John to significantly contribute to a more integrated healthcare system by sharing relevant and timely information with other healthcare providers, including hospitals and GPs, across New Zealand.

Transmitted data in the form of an Ambulance Care Summary Report (ACSR) is governed by a new dedicated interoperability data standard (HISO 10052) published by the Ministry of Health National Health IT Board. All clinical data is SNOMED coded and aligns to the NZ Emergency Care Reference Set. As such, the system will be a valuable source of pre-hospital population health data in New Zealand.

CareMonX ePRF software has been deployed as a hybrid application on Samsung Android tablet devices. To provide optimal proofing from natural disasters, the solution is deployed in a secure private St John cloud, operating from two separate locations that are connected using advanced Microsoft database technologies

Implementation of CareMonX ePRF Suite has been further complemented by the parallel implementation of Valentia’s Precision Contract Management and Billing system which seamless provides St John with real-time costing and invoicing capabilities based on easily configurable rules and parameters.

About Valentia Technologies

Valentia Technologies develops and implements innovative software solutions and services that transform the way healthcare is provided. Based in Dublin, Ireland, with overseas offices in the UK, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Qatar and the UAE, it has implemented solutions in Europe, the Middle East, Australasia and Africa.

About St. John

St John New Zealand is a dynamic charitable organisation that provides ambulance services, first aid training, and event medical services. The organisation has existed in New Zealand since 1885 and is part of a global organisation known as the Order of St John, which is active in more than 40 countries. St John is at the frontline of medical response providing Ambulance Services throughout New Zealand.

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