Valentia Technologies and McElwaine SMART Technologies Announce Collaboration
Dubai, UAE
Friday, May 18, 2007


Enterprise Ireland Client company, Valentia Technologies and Fermanagh based Invest NI client company McElwaine SMART Technologies, announced a collaboration on the delivery of a leading-edge system for health and social services delivery,

Enterprise Ireland Client company, Valentia Technologies and Fermanagh based Invest NI client company McElwaine SMART Technologies, announced a collaboration on the delivery of a leading-edge system for health and social services delivery, to enable elderly persons to enjoy an improved quality of life in their normal home environments throughout the island of Ireland.

Valentia’s CareMonX™ Home Appliance system in conjunction with McElwaine’s newly-opened monitoring and services centre in Lisnaskea will provide elderly clients with a range of integrated healthcare and social services via a simple-to-use touch screen appliance that will be installed in clients’ homes. The monitoring and response service will utilise a Bosch telecommunications platform and homecare monitoring devices. A University of Ulster team is also involved in developing new telehealth components.

This cross-border collaboration between Valentia and McElwaine SMART is the first of its kind in relation to the development of focused healthcare services on an all-island basis. It addresses the growing demand for public and private partnerships to enable independent at-home living of the elderly, as well as those with chronic conditions and disabilities, thus relieving pressure on hospitals and residential healthcare facilities. The collaboration also highlights the opportunity to develop, deploy and perfect leading-edge healthcare and social service delivery models in Ireland which can be replicated on a much larger scale in other countries.

The CareMonX™ Home Appliance is a highly-advanced healthcare system that facilitates two-way real-time interaction between a patient and their healthcare and social services team as well as with family and friends. The appliance also integrates with healthcare monitoring devices in the home such as movement detectors and fall alarms, allowing data generated from the devices to be incorporated into a single comprehensive system platform. Service components include chronic disease management, medication reminders, nutritional advice, appointment management and contacts with healthcare, social team member and next of kin.

Speaking at the announcement of the collaboration initiative between Valentia Technologies and McElwaine SMART Technologies, Northern Ireland Minister for Health, Mr Michael McGimpsey MLA, said:
“I am delighted to attend the announcement of this joint initiative for a new highly-innovative approach to healthcare and social services delivery for elderly persons in the community. Apart from it being an important business opportunity in its own right for Irish companies, it is very encouraging to see companies from the Republic and Northern Ireland actively collaborating to bring new services to this market. It is also positive that these services will be equally deployable and relevant on both sides of the border, enhancing the potential for uniformity of healthcare and social services delivery throughout Ireland.”

McElwaine SMART Technologies MD, Mr John McElwaine, said:
“McElwaine SMART is proud to be at the forefront of cross-border collaboration in healthcare and social services. We are excited at the potential which the combined technologies and services of McElwaine SMART and Valentia can offer to elderly persons along the border region and across Ireland. Elderly persons want to remain independent in their normal living environments for as long as possible and we are happy that we will enable this to happen, while also using some of the most advanced technologies currently available anywhere in the world for this purpose.”

Valentia CEO, Peter Nelson, said:

“We are delighted that today’s announcement will mark the launch of a new healthcare and social services delivery model for elderly persons in the community, including those living in remote and disadvantaged areas. Valentia and McElwaine SMART have very complimentary skill sets and footprints, allowing us to provide a fully-fledged service backed by robust and secure monitoring facilities and infrastructure. We are of course also pleased at the all-island potential for our initiative.

Welcoming the announcement, Gerry Murphy, Director of International Sales and Partnering, Enterprise Ireland said:
“Enterprise Ireland is delighted to welcome this significant cross- border collaboration between Valentia and McElwaine SMART Technologies. Enterprise Ireland and Invest NI are working together to promote enhanced collaboration in international markets between companies in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.”

About McElwaine SMART Technologies
McElwaine Smart Technologies Limited (“McElwaine SMART”) is a newly-formed company within the McElwaine Group that is focused on providing technology solutions to the healthcare industry. The company has launched a telecare and telehealth service to serve the cross-border region of Ireland utilising existing sensor and communication technology in a homecare monitoring system linked to a purpose-built response centre in Lisnaskea. The Company has also commenced a structured three year research & development program in co-operation with the University of Ulster and Bosch GmbH that will incorporate intelligent sensors with advanced communication capabilities in developing comprehensive telehealth monitoring products for the healthcare marketplace.

About Valentia Technologies
Valentia Technologies Limited develops intelligent people-centric systems for in-community healthcare and social services delivery. Valentia’s systems enable the transformation from current centralised service delivery models to distributed managed care, reflecting the realities of increasing patient empowerment, changing lifestyle patterns, demographic pressures and escalating funding challenges. Our emphasis is on directly improving health outcomes and lifestyle quality by facilitating condition monitoring, reporting, intervention, care management and data aggregation and analysis.

Valentia’s applications can be used with various input devices, including mobile phones, PDAs, digital pens, medical devices and specialised electronic sensors. Core to all of our systems is Valentia’s standards-based Electronic Communications & Applications platform, CareMonX™. Applying a person-centric focus, CareMonX™ supports multi-modal data acquisition, intelligent routing, automated message interrogation and data management, providing bi-directional transparent connectivity and communications across the full spectrum of care.