Valentia Technologies announces the launch of Vivasta – a revolutionary integrated care platform
Dublin, Ireland
Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Valentia Technologies today announced the launch of Vivasta™, a revolutionary software platform that empowers older persons and those with long-term conditions to manage their health and wellbeing anytime, anywhere.

Aimed at public and private care service providers, Vivasta™ transcends telecare and telehealth offerings by facilitating an end-to-end continuum of care service delivery within a single integrated platform.

Vivasta™ assists individuals with varying ranges of dependencies, ranging from individuals with long-term chronic conditions who require complex multidisciplinary assistance to active elderly clients requiring assistance with specific tasks. The system offers unlimited possibilities for personalisation, both for clients and their remote care teams.

A unique feature of Vivasta™ is that it does not require proprietary device hardware and is designed to operate with all standards-based in-market care devices and technologies. The platform utilises already-available pervasive communication channels, including mobile phones, internet, sms and email.

Mr Peter Nelson, CEO of Valentia said: “Vivasta™ provides a comprehensive ecosystem for enabling connected and fully-managed telecare, telehealth, social care and independent living support services within a single platform. All these services are further enhanced by the availability of full back-end control and monitoring centre applications. Because Vivasta™ is designed to be standards-based, we are confident that it will confer great flexibility and cost advantages to care services providers and also to their end clients or patients.

Although Valentia’s focus is primarily on community-based healthcare technology development, I am also pleased to announce that we will shortly be announcing the availability of the first Vivasta-based services centre in Ireland, via a dedicated care services provider.”


Features of the Vivasta Platform;

Telecare, Telehealth & Wellness

Integrates with a range of devices to provide home monitoring, healthcare management, safety and security and to the client in their home and /or daily living environment .

Electronic Care Record

An online Electronic Care Record is created within the system, which can be shared with third – party systems such as Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health.

Highly Connected Care Teams

Supports involvement by all members of the client’s direct and extended care team including family doctor, hospital specialists, community nurses, pharmacists and family and friends.

Third –Party Service Management

Provides interfaces for an extensive range of third-party services and medical monitoring.

Remotely Configurable

Remote updates can easily enable changes to the client’s monitoring requirements. Subscribed third-party services can also be easily accommodated.

Geographic Information System

Provides full location management and tracking of clients and their mobile care teams, with reporting of data according to geographic area.

Standards Based

Non- proprietary devices are integrated using all applicable standards, including support for Continua certified devices.

Reporting and Analysis

members of the client’s care network.