Valentia Technologies enthusiastically welcomes release of New Zealand Health Strategy – Future direction
April 19, 2016

Valentia Technologies enthusiastically welcomes the release of New Zealand Health Strategy – Future direction published yesterday by the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

The Strategy documentoutlines the direction for New Zealand’s health system over the next 10 years from 2016 to 2026. It includes 27 areas for action during the first five years to make the Strategy happen. Significantly, several of the action areas recognise the role that technology will play as a key enabler in the realisation of the Strategy, including:

  • Delivery of ‘smart health’ services that empower New Zealanders to have greater participation in and control over their health and wellbeing
  • Increased emphasis on community-based, patient-centric care models that bring healthcare service delivery closer to home
  • Proactive focus on prevention and early intervention for long-term conditions
  • Development of a national shared electronic health record
  • Active collaboration between healthcare stakeholders across the full spectrum of care


 Welcoming the release of the Strategy document, Valentia Technologies’ chairman, Barry Johns, stated: “the strategic vision articulated by the Ministry of Health recognises the growing importance of community-based healthcare services in the lives and wellbeing of New Zealanders of all ages. As a provider of community-based healthcare technology to healthcare partners across New Zealand, Valentia is excited to be able to directly participate in the transformative journey that lies ahead. We therefore look forward to deepening our existing partnerships as well as developing new relationships with providers across the healthcare sector.”

About Valentia Technologies
Valentia Technologies develops and implements innovative software solutions and services that transform the way healthcare is provided outside of hospital.

Valentia’s integrated suite of products, spanning EMS, urgent and unplanned care, community healthcare, and homecare, enables new models of joined-up converged care that address many of the mounting challenges facing healthcare today: rising demand, escalating costs, improved quality outcomes and accountability, and the need for greater efficiency.

Valentia’s solutions are implemented at scale in organisations that provide EMS services, patient transport services, urgent care services, primary care, community nursing, allied healthcare services and homecare services in countries in Europe, Australasia, the Middle East and Africa.

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