Valentia Technologies announces Video-based innovation in Emergency Call Management
Melbourne, Australia
May 25, 2016

Valentia Technologies announces Video-based innovation in Emergency Call Management

Dublin-based Valentia Technologies today announced the launch of its Korero system for video-based emergency call-handling and management.

Speaking on the eve of the Annual Emergency Communications Industry Engagement Forum in Melbourne, Valentia’s President - Technical Services, Dr Ahmad Javad, said: “Korero has been designed to be purely cloud-based and doesn’t require any installation of software, either for members of the public or in control rooms. The system fully supports call triage using third party triage tools. Korero can be run in a decentralised environment where multiple control rooms can have a shared queue view of all inbound video calls together with their geo locations.”

Korero is complemented by a non-data-driven mobile app suitable for use on Android, iOS and Windows smartphones. The Korero smartphone app provides functionality for callers to make enhanced voice calls together with presenting the geo location of the calling handset. This feature facilitates emergency calls from locations where there is no mobile data coverage.

Korero additionally supports plug-ins to popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to enable seamless integration with social networks to leverage caller profile data that is available on social media platforms for decision-making.

Korero also facilitates extensive integration possibilities with other third party applications via APIs over the Internet.