Valentia Technologies launches Innovacare Cloud-based solution for Domiciliary Care provider organisations
Dublin, Ireland
April 17, 2013

Valentia Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise-level systems for community-based health and social care services, has announced the launch of its Innovacare next-generation, Cloud-based domiciliary care management suite.

Built specifically to address the ever-growing business needs and regulatory compliance requirements of modern domiciliary care provider organisations, Innovacare has been designed on a flexible modular basis so as to offer provider organisations a comprehensive menu of configurable functional options in line with their requirements. Innovacare also contains extensive mobile features for providers, carers and clients. Available functionality includes:
  • Profile Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Roster & Scheduling Management
  • Alerts & Reminders Management
  • Billing & Payer Management
  • Wages & Expenses Management
  • Real-time Visit Management
  • Real-Time Electronic Attendance & Activity Monitoring Management
  • Real-Time Lone Worker Protection Management
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Branch / Agency Management
  • Invoicing & Receipts Management
  • Tasks & Issues Management
  • Recruitment & Interview Management
  • Communications & Messaging Management
  • Document Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Social Media Engine
Innovacare is a thoroughly modern Cloud-based approach to providing enterprise-level ICT to domiciliary care provider organisations. Working in close collaboration with domiciliary care providers in several countries, we have built Innovacare to reflect their overall enterprise needs in a comprehensive single integrated system. By adopting a modular approach, provider organisations can flexibly choose between available modules, depending on their sizes and particular requirements” said Innovacare Marketing Manager, Rita Ní Chonaill.

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