Valentia launches staff recruitment drive for New Zealand office
December 1, 2014

Valentia has commenced recruitment for various newly-created positions in Auckland, New Zealand.

The new positions, in Business Development and Business Analysis, are in response to the continuing growth of Valentia’s business in New Zealand, where clients companies now span emergency medical services, urgent care services and supported living services.

Recently, Valentia established a trading subsidiary in New Zealand, signalling Valentia’s commitment to the New Zealand market for the long-term.

Announcing the recruitment drive, Valentia’s President – Business Development, Peter Nelson, stated: “we are privileged to have been selected by significant healthcare services organisations in New Zealand to be a key technology provider and we are very pleased at the levels of referrals and new enquiries that we are additionally receiving. We are also actively partnering with certain prominent healthcare organisations on strategic initiatives at regional and national levels. Overall, Valentia is looking to firmly root ourselves in the New Zealand healthcare market, as reflected by our current recruitment drive.”

Available positions have been advertised on Valentia’s web site.

For further information:
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