Vivasta Clinical Services Management suite added to Valentia’s community-based health care platform
Dublin, Ireland
April 17, 2013

Valentia Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise-level systems for community-based health and social care services, has announced the launch of its Vivasta clinical services management suite.

Designed specifically for evolving models of nurse-led clinical and therapy services that are delivered in community settings, Vivasta offers comprehensive end-to-end real-time functionality that encompasses the full spectrum of clinical and allied logistics and ERP requirements. Standard modular functionality available in Vivasta includes:
  • Electronic discharge and referral management
  • ‘Virtual Ward’, allowing referring hospital/clinic doctors to monitor patients’ treatments and progress in real-time.
  • Full Patient Care Bureau (back office) providing full real-time views of all community-based activities at a granular level with comprehensive in-built alerting and notifications. Also includes configurable real-time case tracker board.
  • Unlimited daily/weekly home clinical visits can be planned for each patient. All types of clinical complexities are supported.
  • Full care pathway functionality, using highly configurable workflows.
  • Real-time generation of electronic clinical documentation by visiting nurses using sophisticated mobile applications. Includes real-time feedback to supervising medical staff and pharmacists.
  • Patient diary management.
  • Extensive GIS functionality, including advanced staff safety features.
  • Clinical logistics functionality incorporating prescription management, serialised dispensing labelling at a central pharmacy, and coordination of compounding IV treatment at third-party facilities.
  • Synchronised of medications direct to patients’ homes, including just-in-time delivery of temperature controlled compounds.
  • Full warehouse management and complete patient-specific inventory management, including intelligent delivery route planning and electronic proof of delivery.
  • Clinical waste management.
  • Activity-based costing and electronic invoicing.
  • Payer funding management.
  • Staff management, including scheduling and rostering.
  • Extensive reporting and business intelligence functionality.
“The release of our Vivasta Clinical Services Management suite signals a major extension of Valentia’s existing community-based care platform, now comprising emergency care, domiciliary care and scheduled clinical care, all in one fully-integrated, yet completely modular system. Vivasta emphasises Valentia’s continuing commitment to provide health and social care services providers with enterprise-level applications that are designed to address the increasing requirements of integrated community care models” said Dr Ahmad Javad, Chief Operating Officer at Valentia Technologies.

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