Enterprise Solutions
Valentia has long recognised that in order to run quality front-line services and efficient back-office functions, healthcare providers need to utilise software beyond core clinical systems. Working closely with our customers, we have progressively developed a suite of enterprise-level ERP systems, called Fusion ERP Suite, that supports all key non-clinical parts of our customers’ operations.

In addition to containing sophisticated functionality equivalent to complex modern ERP systems, each individual system within Fusion ERP Suite confers significant further advantages by virtue of having been especially designed for use in healthcare operational environments. Fusion ERP systems are also highly configurable and quick to implement.

Fusion ERP systems have been further designed to seamlessly integrate with Valentia’s front-end clinical and care solutions, whilst also sharing a common database and single back-end infrastructure. Implementation therefore confers attractive ICT operational savings and eliminates duplication at various levels for customers. It also provides customers with a single trusted source of supply and support, underpinned by extensive vertical domain knowledge and experience.

Fusion ERP Suite comprises the following highly-configurable, workflow-based solutions:

Precision Activity-based costing, billing and revenue management.

Treatment services budget and funding management.

Healthcare staff resource and credentialing management.

Healthcare staff rostering and scheduling management.

Review and monitoring of clinical services, outcomes and activities.

Community-based pharma logistics and inventory management.

Clinical waste logistics and management.

Pathology sample logistics and management.

Healthcare fleet and on-board equipment management.

Documentation management.

Task and issue management.

Advanced Business Intelligence and reporting engine.