Our Story
Since its foundation in 2004 Valentia Technologies has maintained a single focus: to develop and implement innovative software solutions and services that transform the way healthcare is provided outside of hospital.

Recognising that emerging models of out-of-hospital care would need to be all-inclusive, from the outset we embarked on a strategy to progressively develop a comprehensive suite of integrated software products to enable the delivery of joined-up ‘converged care’ regardless of location.

During the past ten years, and working in close collaboration with care practitioners internationally, we have successfully created a unique portfolio of enterprise-level out-of-hospital systems that seamlessly operate across emergency medical services, urgent & unplanned care, community care and supported living.

Whilst patient care is core to our software, experience has taught us that out-of-hospital care providers have deeply-interlinked business and operational dependencies. Reflecting these needs, our products additionally address operational, revenue assurance and compliance requirements in customer organisations.

Today, Valentia offers the following world-class enterprise product suites:

for emergency medical services

for urgent and unplanned care

for primary care

for community care

for supported living

for enterprise requirements

Valentia's products are highly modular, and all share a single patient-centric database. They are also highly mobile and Cloud-enabled. And, as our software is standards-based, our products are highly interoperable with other systems.

We make, implement and support all our own software in order to provide customers with a single trusted source of supply. Our international team of over 130 clinicians, implementation specialists, software engineers and support professionals is dedicated to providing customers with innovative solutions and services that are cost-effective and practical.

Valentia solutions are implemented in Europe, the Middle East, Australasia and Africa.