Services & Support
The success of Valentia’s solutions derives from our highly practical and experienced approach to implementation, which is equally matched by the quality of our support and managed services.

We possess a deep understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare service providers when adopting modern software solutions. In particular, we are keenly aware of the degree of trust and reliance placed by customers on solution providers to deliver robust scalable solutions that address both the current and prospective needs of customer organisations providing pre-hospital and community services.

Our implementation services therefore extend well beyond configuration and deployment of our software to take careful account of the unique capabilities and circumstances of each customer organisation. We undertake extensive discussions with, and provide technical and consulting services to, customers both prior to and throughout the implementation process.

We inform and assist customers in relation to all aspects of project planning and execution, including workflow analysis, service re-design, change management, infrastructure and hardware design, third party interoperability, and reporting. Valentia views these activities, coupled with an all-inclusive approach to implementation, as crucial to the success of pre-hospital and community healthcare solutions everywhere.

Because of the mission-critical nature of implemented solutions, Valentia recognises that post go-live monitoring and support services must be continuous and robust, while also being closely aligned to the internal technical capabilities of customer organisations.

Valentia’s services and support covers:

Health Informatics Consulting Advising on all aspects of the overall software and technical solution required by customers, taking careful account of customers' circumstances, requirements and capabilities.

Implementation Comprehensive end-to-end project services directly provided by Valentia’s highly-talented multi-disciplinary team, honed by years of first-hand experience gained from deploying solutions in diverse international environments.

Training (End User & Technical) Based on a range of customised training models from train-the-trainer through to classroom training, whilst also utilising a range of training media and supports.

Proactive Monitoring Provided on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis to ensure the continuous optimal performance of deployed solutions in customer environments around the clock.

Technical Support Also provided on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis to reflect the mission-critical nature of our solutions in customer organisations and underpinning our commitment to continuously support them with skilled technical resources.

Managed Hosting Offering customers flexible cost options, our highly-secure hosting and data management services are based on high availability and incorporate full disaster recovery facilities.

Continuing Optimisation Provided to customers who wish to progressively extend the functional range of Valentia’s integrated solutions suite in their organisations.