Spectrum to be key technology component for new national telehealth services in New Zealand
June 18, 2015

Following the announcement of Homecare Medical as the successful national telehealth services provider for New Zealand, Valentia’s Spectrum Suite will be implemented as the healthcare CRM system across the entirety of the services.

Homecare Medical – a leading New Zealand tele-triage organisation – has been announced as the Ministry of Health’s partner to develop and deliver a new, enhanced, integrated, national telehealth service for New Zealand.

Valentia Technologies Spectrum Suite has been selected by Homecare Medical as the core healthcare CRM system for the new national telehealth service.

The national telehealth service will see clinical and non-clinical staff provide phone and online advice, support, assessment of symptoms, triage, treatment advice, and preventative and educational aspects for a range of health, wellbeing and counselling services. Initial services available will be a health advice and triage service, quit smoking services, poisons advice, alcohol and drug advice, immunisation and vaccination advice, depression advice and services, and gambling advice and services.

In responding to the announcement, Homecare Medical Board Chair, Dr Martin Seers, stated “People expect to get help and advice through a variety of channels, they expect to be able to talk to a ‘real’ person and they expect a joined up system that ‘knows’ them.”

Dr Seers explained “We will work to deliver a service that can be accessed through multiple channels 24 x 7 – phone, websites, email, txt message, chat, and in the future, video calling and mobile applications. This will be a service where every door is the right door – where users’ needs are met directly, or by linking them to the appropriate service - their GP, nurse, pharmacist, a midwife, paramedics, a counsellor or therapist.”

The following services, enabled by Valentia’s Spectrum Suite, will make up the 24 x 7, free national telehealth service:-
  • Health triage and advice
  • Poisons advice
  • Quit smoking services
  • Alcohol and drug advice
  • Immunisation and vaccination advice
  • Depression advice and services
  • Gambling advice and services

Valentia Technologies Chair, Barry Johns, stated “We are honoured to be participating as a key technology partner of Homecare Medical for the new national telehealth service for New Zealand. But we are also delighted to be implementing forward-looking software solutions that will act as a cornerstone for the progressive development of enhanced, integrated community-focussed healthcare services for New Zealanders.”

The new national telehealth services will become operational on November 1 2015. Based on current call volumes to existing services, call and other electronic contact volumes are expected to exceed 2.0 million contact events annually.