Western Cape EMS commences rollout of CareMonX PTS CAD and CareMonX Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR)
Dublin, March 16, 2016

Western Cape EMS has commenced operational rollout of Valentia Technologies’ CareMonX PTS CAD and CareMonX ePCR in what is the culmination of a major project to deliver a world-class EMS ICT platform that manages all key front-end operations of the ambulance service across the entirely of the Western Cape Province.

Working with local partner, Dimension Data, Valentia has implemented its entire CareMonX EMS Suite on a fully-integrated basis, providing Western Cape EMS with unparalleled capabilities to serve the population of the Province.

CareMonX PTS CAD system and CareMonX ePCR system build on the capabilities of CareMonX Emergency CAD system and CareMonX MDT system which were implemented in earlier phases of the project.

CareMonX PTS CAD underpins the complex daily operations of the provincial scheduled patient transport service, Healthnet, which encompasses a fleet of almost 100 vehicles plying 60 routes extended across 495 collection points. Operating in each of Western Cape EMS’s six control rooms, CareMonX PTS CAD also been configured to allow the 100+ treatment facilities to which patients are transported to directly enter patient bookings via an online portal.

CareMonX ePCR enables a switch from manual paper recording to real-time digital capture of more than 600,000 patient care interventions annually. As well as freeing up valuable paramedic time, CareMonX ePCR will also facilitate real-time transmission of care records from in-field ambulances to hospital Emergency Departments, thereby optimising use of the all-important “golden hour” for enhanced treatment outcome. CareMonX ePCR will also produce valuable operational and clinical data that will contribute to improving service planning and paramedic staff skilling.

Valentia Technologies’ President, Technical Services, Dr Ahmad Javad stated: ”It has been a privilege to have worked closely with Western Cape management and staff to implement our full CareMonX EMS Suite which has transformed Western Cape EMS into one of the most joined-up EMS services anywhere in the world today. Together with our partner, Dimension Data, we look forward to bringing even further pre-hospital innovation to healthcare services in the Western Cape Province and across South Africa”.