Valentia’s CareMonX ePCR forms part of Dubai’s Salama integrated electronic medical record system
April 8, 2017

Valentia Technologies’ CareMonX Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) system used by Dubai Ambulance is a constituent part of the new Salama medical record system being rolled out by Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA).

Comprising in excess of 1.4 million patient medical records and over 110 million transactions, the Salama system has been built around a core Epic EMR that has more than 25 expert system applications, including CareMonX ePCR, integrated to it, enabling real-time two-way data exchange between various parts of the public healthcare service provided by DHA.

Salama will provide patients and healthcare personnel with access to medical records through a secure patient portal and will ensure that the patient’s electronic medical record is available across all DHA healthcare facilities. More than 11,000 DHS employees will be trained to use Salama.

Each registered patient will have an integrated medical record that encompasses a single view of the patient’s historical and current interactions with DHA facilities, thereby enabling a more streamlined and better healthcare delivery system while also ensuring improved patient safety and accuracy.

Welcoming the launch of the Salama system, Valentia’s President - Business Development, Peter Nelson, stated: “Valentia is proud that our CareMonX ePCR system is a component of Dubai’s new Salama system. Our specialist implementation team has been working closely with Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services and DHA personnel since mid-2016 and it is wonderful to see the fruits of our combined efforts now realised. The creation of a health system-wide electronic medical record is a strong testament to the strategic vision of DHA to deliver world-class integrated care that benefits the health journey of all DHA patients and provides healthcare personnel with real-time access to a wealth of medical data.”

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